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Exceptional Design For A Large Non Profit
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We helped the organization surmount challenges in positioning, digital project execution and technology.

Increasing donations and building the find a pet search were key goals for the new site.

Nuzzles & Co is a pet rescue and adoption non-profit that rehabilitates animals and finds them forever homes through their adoption center. With their 16,000 square foot rescue ranch, they provide a loving, nurturing place for animals to give them a second chance.

Having undergone a recent rebranding, the website fell behind and didn’t reflect the history, depth or frequent activity of the organization. Interactivity was limited and we saw many opportunities to leverage digital tools to help Nuzzles & Co launch a site that better supported their adoption process and online giving. 

The donation form is a highly focused experience designed to streamline the giving process.
Nuzzles & Co online donation page

To reinforce the brand and position the non-profit as established, implementing a find a pet search tool was critical. The interactive search feature enables browsing of pets that are available for adoption by size, breed and other attributes. It includes photos and a story for each animal.

Nuzzles & Co find a pet
Nuzzles & Co pet detail page

Starting a website design project is never easy and launching one that fits what you intend is even harder. Nuzzles & Co experienced stumbles in past attempts to create a site that fulfilled their vision and communicated a true depiction of the organization. Having worked with numerous nonprofits and by leveraging our user experience design and technology expertise, we lead Nuzzles & Co to realize a successful website that fulfills their brand.

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