5 Amazing Nonprofit Websites

We frequently work with nonprofits and are always looking for the most effective ways to help them communicate their message and reach their fundraising goals. Here are some examples of sites that are working really well.

The Compelling Appeal

Not only is their design supremely elegant, but CharityWater.org does an amazing job using the long scrolling page format to build a convincing solicitation for your donation
screenshot of long scrolling Charity Water page design

Creating a Connection with Donors

Integrating strong photography of people helps establish a more personal connection with users on a nonprofit website. Here, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston uses a carousel to showcase images of their donors paired with quotes to showcase why they give. It’s incorporated on a page with a variety of giving options, to offer multiple ways to connect with potential donors.
screenshot of  MFA donor profile

Building a Case for Action

Another great example of how the long scrolling page format can create a very effective connection with the user, The Nature Conservancy’s African Elephant Initiative builds a comprehensive case for the cause and what they are doing about it. Over the course of 11 thoughtfully illustrated sections, they educate and reinforce the need for your help which finally culminates in a strong call to action for your email:
screenshot of long scrolling African Elephant Initiative page

Clarity of Message

The ASPCA website stands out for their use of white space and a simple design to draw focus to their content. It’s a well balanced site that offers opportunity for exploring the work they do and reinforcing the results.
screenshot of ASPCA page

Optimizing for Conversions

Whatever you think of Bernie Sanders there’s no arguing he has one of the most effective digital fundraising operations today. The frequent, front and center calls to action paired with simple design, and straightforward language has helped propel his fundraising machine. There’s nothing extraneous in the design of his website and the selection of content is carefully crafted to support the conversion points.
screenshot of Bernie Sanders call to actions

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