Creating Connections — The Power of Firing Up Your Brand

Apple. Tesla. Uber. AirBNB. These businesses have all done something incredibly well — They’ve indelibly burned their brand into your mind. It’s partly because they’re disruptive, coming into an industry and turning it on its head. But, there’s something else — They know how to deeply connect with emotion, and create an aspirational vision for everyone.

  • Apple — Cool, sleek, stylish, easy.

  • Tesla — The future, technology, design.

  • Uber — Be your own boss, speed, ease, convenience.

  • AirBNB — Freedom, exploration, travel.

When you see these brands and their websites, these are the values you feel. The brand has achieved its purpose — It means something to you. And it’s not just these big hitters creating powerful brands, there are plenty of startups making big waves and wanting to connect.

There’s Slack with its promise of no more email and a much more immediate and interesting way to connect with colleagues. Help Scout, with a calming, “we’ve got this” approach to customer service. CrowdComfort with a unique approach to managing buildings and keeping them comfortable.

This matters. It matters because if you’re serious about standing out, being exceptional, and disrupting your marketplace, you need a brand and a website to match. Your brand needs to scorch itself into the hearts and minds of your visitors. You want your business’s name to be on their lips, for them to talk about you over a beer.

That takes three simple steps.

  1. Understand why your business matters — What do you do better than anyone else?

  2. Find the one problem your customers want to solve. Really, it’s just one problem.

  3. Combine those two things to create a message that’s impossible to resist.

Just because these steps are simple, doesn’t mean they’re easy. In fact, creating an inspirational and powerful brand is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Building a website that perfectly encapsulates that brand and spreads your vision around the world, well, that’s pretty tough too — Although we know a thing or two about getting that right.

So, start now. Find your business passion, understand the one thing your customers need, and build a brand that puts fire in your belly.

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