A Cutting Edge Redesign For An Innovative Engineering Firm

Salem, Massachusetts based engineering firm Doyle CFD has some big ideas, and with the help of another local business, Altolus Digital, they’re sharing them with the world by launching a new website. Doyle CFD specializes in the “hidden innovation” behind some iconic designs. Their state-of-the-art technology helps boats cut through the water more quickly, builds more efficient machines, and lowers the cost of generating green energy.

CFD is a big idea - It stands for “Computational Fluid Dynamics,” and it helps engineers learn how wind and water affects their designs. When you’re building a fast yacht, a powerful racing car, or an efficient wind turbine, even tiny changes can make a big difference to the cost, efficiency, and resilience of the finished product.

Optimizing the helm balance of 246’ super yacht M5 involves analyzing the complex interaction between the sails, keel, rudder, wind and waves
Optimizing the helm balance of 246’ super yacht M5 involves analyzing the complex interaction between the sails, keel, rudder, wind and waves.

Testing these changes in the real world is expensive. That’s why Doyle CFD uses state-of-the-art computing models to create more effective shapes and designs. They’re specialists in analyzing natural forces and understanding how they act on objects. Their digital simulations let them run hundreds of experiments at a fraction of the cost of real world prototyping and testing.

Turning their technology and design approach into a sleek, beautiful, and effective website was a challenge. Fletcher Boland, Altolus Digital’s founder, says:

“Creating a compelling website is about building a deep understanding of a business, its audience, and transforming their unique content, process, and ideas into a powerful visual design that communicates their message.”

The new Doyle CFD website combines exciting visual renderings with simple, clean navigation to create an experience that feels modern and accurately reflects the cutting-edge nature of their engineering process. The examples of computer simulations, 3d animations, website content, and project portfolio position Doyle CFD as leading experts in their field.

Doyle CFD Homepage
The new homepage design is energetic yet refined and reflects the firm's innovative work.

“Altolus Digital helped us create a modern, elegant and informative website that allows us to showcase our work to the public. They bring the right combination of art and programming to the website creation process.”
-- Tyler Doyle, Doyle CFD President

Prospective clients can understand how Doyle CFD can help them by visualizing their process and through project case studies. These include using real world measurements with computer models to create faster sails, analyzing and optimizing hulls, improving how wind turbines work, and even modeling new concepts like inflatable turbines.

Altaeros wind turbine
Doyle CFD helped Altaeros Energies determine loads on the shroud for their airborne wind turbine.

“The main challenge we overcame in creating the new website was explaining the possibilities of Doyle CFD’s technology. When you’re working across so many engineering disciplines and industries, it’s important to share and present their experience, capabilities, and solutions in a way that users can relate to” says Fletcher Boland.

To find out more about Doyle CFD’s innovative designs, and how we are sharing their emerging innovation with the world, visit their website at: www.doylecfd.com or view our case study on the redesign.

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