How To Organize And Present Your Business In A Website

Figuring out how to speak about your business on your website is a common challenge. Whether you're trying to appeal to new markets or strengthen relationships with existing customers, finding the best way to organize what you do and who you are can be overwhelming. 

To find the right mix of messaging, visuals, navigation and content needed for a successful website, forming a balanced perspective of the website visitor and what your organization hopes to achieve is crucial.

If you present yourself with too much internal focus, the website will speak to you really well, but not necessarily to your customer. Understanding what your website visitor is looking for, what words they use, and what industry specific commonalities they are used to is the foundation of a successful website.

Website Organization Sitemap

A good first step is prioritizing your internal goals for the project - what is most important for your company to achieve? Then, what is most important for your website visitor to accomplish? Do they want to see in perfect detail what the product looks like? See what amazing work you've done for similar clients?

Since many visitors will come through your homepage, it can be helpful to think of the site in terms of what you want someone to understand within five seconds of looking at your homepage. Doing so provides a solid framework for what you can say - you need to be concise.

After this, the next pieces will fall into place based on your goals and other items you identified as being interesting to your visitors. Sketching some diagrams of how your homepage and website could be structured is a common next step. 

This can be done in informal brainstorming sessions or in a structured workshop led by a design professional. A user experience design consultant has the expertise in how to translate your business into a website so you can be 100% confident in your website solution.

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