New Branding and Website Launched for Altolus Digital

Today we launched a new website and brand for Altolus. We’re very excited to share our freshly updated look with you! To thrive, any business needs to continuously improve and adapt, to which we are no exception. Keeping your site in line with current design patterns and technological advances is vital to make the most of your web presence as a key driver of business.

We also believe in delivering the best user experience possible, and we hope our new site better communicates the ways in which we can help businesses and marketers develop successful websites and apps.

Our New Look and Feel

Our name comes from altocumulus clouds which inspired the shades of blue, white and gray in the new color scheme. The coral, as we call it, was added as a utility to give vibrant contrast to information and design elements we wanted to give high priority.

our color scheme: electric blue, navy, white, bold coral, silver

In addition to the new color scheme, we created the Altolus building blocks as a reference to our passion for the process of building and creating.

building block logo

The design elements of our new brand come together into a distinctive website that balances an exciting feel with professional character.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

Our new design puts much more focus on page content, and going to a mobile first philosophy has really helped in thinking about what people need to see and what complicates the achievement of their goals. The new site is fully responsive and integrates supporting imagery both for phones and scaling those images for large desktop displays.

Built on Drupal, we take advantage of the content management system for what it does best: managing everything on the site - from portfolio images to this blog post. When technology, messaging and design align, a site is most effective in positioning your services, product or cause in a positive, compelling manner that entices people to interact.

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